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Technology Contracts 

NervyMise, PLLC is a legal consulting firm focused on providing technology contracts solutions for small businesses, technology companies and technology start-ups. Our mission is to ensure that technology companies of all sizes have access to expert legal consulting to protect their intellectual property, products and services. Our contracts are drafted, reviewed and negotiated by professionals who possess the niche expertise of technology agreements. 

We proudly serve the Michigan technology community.

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Contract creation

Technology Contracting Principle #1: Technology moves fast, don't let contracts slow you down.

IP & Data Privacy Consulting 

Technology Contracting Principle #2: When a "Jack-Of-All-Trades"just won't do, niche expertise is right for you.

 contract review

Technology Contracting Principle #3: Protect your tech!

 contract negotiation

Technology Contracting Principle #4: You don't get what you deserve, you get what you negotiate.

" Lauren at NervyMise has been a life saver! I worked with her to sign a new developer for my app, iShallBe. She was able to walk me through every step along the way. The best part was that Lauren pointed out several issues that I did not catch and explained the importance very clear. Whenever people reach out to me for an app developer I always suggest Lauren first as an attorney to review their contract before signing a developer, it is essential to have an attorney who specializes in Tech Contracts and not just any attorney. Best part of working with Lauren is that she is well versed in the tech world."

- Shelby Tinsley, iShallBe

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