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Technology Contracting Principle #1: Technology Moves Fast, Don't Let Contracts Slow You Down

NervyMise, PLLC offers a variety of technology contracts crafted by professionals with niche legal technology expertise. Following an in-depth consultation to understand your company’s specific business needs, we create a customized contract template scaled to fit your business model and protect your products and services in current and future business interactions.

Contract Types:

  • Master Services Agreement  (the simple MSA can also be used interchangeably as “Terms and Conditions” that can be appended to other transactional documents)


  • Software License Agreements (EULA, Distribution, Enterprise, Standard)

  • IT Distribution Agreements (VAR, OEM)

  • Hardware Sales Agreements

  • Software Ownership Agreements

  • Statements of Work


  • Cloud Services Agreements (SLAs)


  • IT Professional Services Agreements


  • Mobile App Development Agreements​/Joint Development Agreements


  • Customized Global Terms and Conditions


  • Technical Non-Disclosure Agreement

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