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Niche Expertise

When General Contracting Experience Won't Do

Almost every person on the planet has had to review a contract of some sort in their lifetime. So, what’s the big deal? A contract is a contract, right? Not quite.


While most contracts may seem standard, they all contain their own unique terms and conditions specific to the subject matter of the contract. Any person who has ever been sued or involved in a contract dispute can attest that terms and conditions matter.


Yes, an attorney or contract manager may have experience in drafting contracts for business deals - but what type of business deals? Contracts are not one size fits all.  


Technology contracts are especially unique and require niche expertise from a professional with industry specific knowledge.


If you have a technology start-up, product or service, protecting your company goes beyond registering a patent or trademark. Your company or product is still at risk if you don’t have the proper terms and conditions in place to protect it.

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