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Our Story

NervyMise was created to prevent technology companies from making the costly mistake of bad contracts. While working for a global IT consulting company, the founder of NervyMise noticed the same problem amongst smaller technology companies - poorly written contracts that exposed the company to liability. 

NervyMise was created for the tech company that would rather focus on creating innovative technology, products and services. We allow companies to be successful by allowing them to freely harness their technology, while protecting it at the same time. 

A Modern "In-House" Approach

NervyMise was created with tech’s unique culture and values in mind. A true tech company is innovative, diverse and collaborative. Our business model embodies the true tech culture in its approach to helping companies succeed.

About The Founder

Managing attorney, S. Lauren Haggerty worked for one of the largest and most recognized global IT consulting firms prior to launching NervyMise. Equipped with skills honed by drafting and reviewing contracts for Fortune 500 clients, Lauren provides a niche set of high-level, robust and comprehensive legal services to technology companies and technology start-ups.

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